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The scene study class is for experienced, professional actors who have already studied acting technique and are ready to apply their skills exploring great scenes from incredible stage and screen plays.


There is an audition/interview process in order to be considered for the scene study class.  Actors who have taken my acting technique class will still need to audition to be considered for scene study.

Goal of the Class

My goal as your teacher and mentor is to provide a safe space for you to fully explore any character, emotion or experience you desire. I will never judge an actor for making a brave choice in any given situation. It is only through trial and error you grow as an artist.

Scene Study from Plays and Screenplays

The objective of scene study is to explore the life of a scene. Whether the scene is from a classic playwright – Shakespeare, Moliere, a modern playwright – Edward Albee, Tennessee Williams or contemporary author – August Wilson, Tony Kushner, John Patrick Shanley or Martin McDonagh (to name but a few) the point is to bring the scene to life.

We also work on scenes from screenplays whether for film or television. What is required from actors today is not to be a theater or film actor but to be an actor capable of reading a script, understand how to approach it and bring it to life regardless of the form.

Rehearse with Costumes and Props

Actors doing scenes are required to rehearse with real props, furniture, costumes etc.  Actors won’t be expected to purchase anything for their scenes, but they need to be creative and bring appropriate clothing and props that will add reality to what they’re working on. 

For example, wearing jeans and a t-shirt for a play set in the late 1800s would not be appropriate. We would ask that the actor come dressed in something that hints at the era ie. dress shoes, shirt, pants, dress etc.  Similarly, for actresses working on period specific plays, a dress or long skirt might be appropriate. The goal for the actor playing a scene, is to make the scene as realistic as possible and incorporating period specific elements can only help the actor’s performance.

Memorized Scenes and Rehearsals

Actors are required to read the source of their scene (if available). The scene should be rehearsed at least twice outside of class and must be memorized before it’s presented. I will provide a list of various rehearsal techniques that might be explored during rehearsal. Scenes need to be explored both physically and vocally and not just sitting across from one another at a coffee shop

Employ Acting and Rehearsal Techniques

During class we will explore the scenes using different acting and rehearsal techniques. I will guide actors to find the truth and authenticity of their characters as they explore the world of the given scene.

For example, if an actor is too much in their head, I might have them do a physical exercise using animal work or gestures to free themselves up. If an actor is having an issue connecting with his fellow actor, I might suggest they engage in some observation/repetition exercises or even use the passing of a physical object to establish the connection between actors.

I Provide a Safe but Challenging Space

​I insist on providing a safe space to explore while also challenging my actors to push themselves outside their comfort zone. I consider it a great honor to work with actors who put time and care into their work and always treat them with the utmost respect.

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