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As an Audition Coach Los Angeles, Bryan Chesters provides an actor with a one-on-one opportunity to work on a character, in a scene, and explore all the possible choices the actor can make in a scene.

The purpose behind all of this is usually an audition (in person, online or self-tape) and the goal is to provide the actor with the tools and the confidence to knock the audition out of the park and hopefully book the job.

What Coaching Can Do

The desired result of coaching is to help an actor come to a deeper understanding of the material and what’s actually going on in the scene. To help guide the actor as they determine how they can personally relate to the character and the given circumstances, while making it real for themselves. 

This detailed work, along with its videotaping will often lead to a more confident actor and a more successful audition.

Never Mind the Medium

It doesn’t matter if the audition material is for TV or Film, a stage play, or a performing arts high school, college or university theatre program. The goal in every instance is a successful audition. 

The thing every actor needs to remember is, “There is very little you have control over at an audition but yourself – and the one thing you can do is prepare for the audition to the very best of your ability.”

Process of Preparation

In order to maximize the time spent at a coaching, an actor should have the material memorized and ready to perform. In doing so, that preparation allows for the exploration of different choices while searching for the truth of the scene and connecting to the material.

Use of Video

The use of video in coaching can be extremely helpful and even expediate the process. Years ago, when I was making the transition from stage to screen acting, I found videotaping an incredible tool to help make me aware of unnecessary facial expressions or over exaggerated physical gestures – especially when working on dramatic material.

The camera sees what you’re thinking and often just having the thoughts of the character and living truthfully under the given circumstances is sufficient. Watching a video playback of a taped scene can make an actor aware of their own physical habits that may be hindering them.

David Fincher’s “Gut Instinct”

While in grad school I had the opportunity to meet director David Fincher (The Social Network) and I asked him “What is it that makes you pick one actor over another?” 

And he said, “It’s a gut instinct.  I feel it in my gut, and I know that particular actor is right for the role.  And I’ll usually turn back to the producer or casting director for reassurance – but the truth is, I already know.”  This type of reaction can only occur when an actor has inhabited the character and made the material his or her own.

The Goal of Coaching

My goal during every coaching session is to help an actor explore the material and find their own truth and authenticity in the scene’s given circumstances. If successful, one hopes the directors and casting directors will also have a visceral response to the audition and, hopefully, consider my well-coached actor for the role.

The Goal of the Audition

An actor must truly inhabit the character, the world, the circumstances and make the situation real for themselves. Or, as my friend Dee Wallace Stone (ET/ Cujo) says, “You have to claim it!”  Not only must you find the truth, but then you must be confident enough to share it with others. 

You might not always book the job – but you will win the respect of the room and THAT is the goal of every audition.  If you knock it out of the park… they will call you back and they might just offer you the role




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