Bryan Chesters Acting Classes

Here is a brief introduction to Bryan Chesters’ five acting, audition and coaching classes. If you’re interested in a particular one, just click on its Learn More, which will take you to a complete description.

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Young Actors Class | Acting With Bryan Chesters

Youth Acting Classes

During this course we will explore different acting techniques. We will play improvisation games and learn to think fast and instinctually. We will have fun creating characters and scenes based on ideas in the moment.– Learn More

Acting Coach | Acting With Bryan Chesters

Acting Coach

Audition Coaching with Bryan Chesters provides an actor with a one-on-one opportunity to work on a character, in a scene, and explore all the possible choices the actor can make in a scene.– Learn More

Acting On Camera | Acting With Bryan Chesters

Acting for the Camera

Acting in front of a camera and learning how to handle  cold readings are what  I love about teaching young actors, college students and adult stage actors, In addition, during the on-camera acting classes, we explore acting on film and television through the cold reading of material. – Learn More

Scene Study Class | Acting With Bryan Chesters

Scene Study

The scene study class is for experienced actors who have already studied acting technique and are ready to apply their skills exploring great scenes from incredible stage and screen plays. There is an audition/interview process in order to be considered for the class. – Learn More

Acting Technique | Acting With Bryan Chesters

Acting Technique Classes

Every artist must have some type of technique and acting is no exception. Painters, dancers, musicians all spend years cultivating their talents and actors are no different. They must learn to express themselves both physically and vocally. – Learn More

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