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Essential Acting Techniques

Every artist must have some type of technique and acting is no exception. Painters, dancers, musicians all spend years cultivating their talents and actors are no different.

Actors must learn to express themselves both physically and vocally to be ready to explore and handle the demands of the many characters they will embody in their careers as professional actors.

Relaxation and the Alexander Technique

In this introductory twelve-week class, we will explore various acting techniques that will help you find freedom and expression in your voice, body and mind. We will begin with relaxation exercises to bring awareness to any tension vocally or physically that might be inhibiting your ability to express yourself truthfully and authentically. Then we will discuss and explore gestures and body language based on The Alexander Technique as well as Viewpoints, and other physical and vocal techniques.

Concentration, Inner Imagery and Sense Memory

As we continue our journey of exploration, we focus on concentration using inner imagery and sense memory to engage our minds fully and embrace our imagination. It is my sincere belief that not any one particular acting technique is the solution to unlocking inhibitions and creating truth on stage or screen. Rather it is a culmination of learning all the different acting techniques and deciding what works best for you and your talents. I’ve had the privilege of studying with many fine teachers who all taught different acting techniques.

Analytical and Script Analysis, Intuition and Observation

Some teachers embrace more of an analytical approach (Bobby Lewis – Founder of the Actor’s Studio and original Group Theatre member). He taught me the importance of script analysis, making conscious choices of what I’m ‘doing’ in the scene.He stressed making copious notes on my script and having a thorough understanding of the world of the story as well as my role in telling it.  Conversely, I’ve studied with teachers who look more towards engaging the imagination (Yevgeny LanskoyStella Adler). They taught me to engage my playful side to create the world of the character through inner inspiration and self-creation. 

Some teachers taught me the power of acting on intuition (Playhouse West – Sanford Meisner) and through utilizing the famous repetition exercises of Sanford Meisner, which taught me the importance of observation and acting on instinct.

Working and Studying with Top Professionals

In New York City, I was fortunate enough to explore all types of method acting exercises including emotional recall (Terry Schreiber – Lee Strasberg Technique). I also continued studying Lee’s technique during my graduate studies at UCLA studying with Salome Jens, who worked with Lee and was in the original production of Arthur Miller’s After The Fall.

I was fortunate that my graduate program, under the direction of the incredible acting teacher and Tony Award winning director Mel Shapiro, was full of incredible instructors who believed in the value of all the various acting techniques – Meisner, Adler, Hagen, Lewis, Strasberg and created a safe space to explore and allow us to “…live truthfully under the given circumstances.”

Class Exercises

Some of the techniques that we’ll be exploring in class are private moments, substitution exercises, improvisation, listening and responding, animal work and also exploring the nine personality types. All of these will be talked about prior to any homework assignments so that students are fully aware of the expectations for any given exercise.

Additionally, we will be doing in class exercises that explore all of the key components in understanding the choices we make as actors. For example, we’ll be covering concepts such as objectives, obstacles, intentions, stakes, urgency, impulses, status, being ‘in the moment’ and the ‘moment before’ the scene starts.

From Techniques to Scene Study

It is my goal that after taking this acting technique class that an acting student feels comfortable and equipped to participate in the scene study class and continue exploring their acting technique while working on incredible scenes from various stage plays.


Payment – $200

Tuition is Non-Refundable

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