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On-Camera Audition & Cold Reading Classes in Los Angeles

Acting in front of a camera and learning how to handle  cold readings are what  I love about teaching young actors, college students and adult stage actors.

Acting in front of a camera is a wonderful and enlightening process because we film the scenes and the students have the opportunity to watch playback, see what the camera sees and learn to analyze their own performances. I ask them to make both positive and constructive observations that will allow them to hone their on-camera acting skills.

In addition, during the on-camera acting classes, we explore acting on film and television through the cold reading of material.

Being Specific in Setting Goals

I’m very proud of the success my acting students have working in film and television. I have my students write out their professional acting goals. I have not been surprised when they commit to those goals and, eventually, those goals become a reality.

One of my students, Laura Long, wrote down she wanted to be on AMC’s drama, TURN, and within months she began recurring on the show. It takes discipline, training, grit and courage – but it all starts with setting a goal and passionately pursuing it. I’ve worked with students with the goal of being a guest star on a major television show (Skye Townsend guest starred on LUCIFER) or wanting to be a series regular (Annie Gonzalez became a regular on GENTIFIED).

Cold Reading Audition

Some weeks the class will be devoted to cold reading auditions. We will explore different aspects of preparation. For instance, some weeks the actors will receive the material prior to class and have plenty of time to make choices, explore the character and scene, research the material and the expectations will be set slightly higher than a true “cold read.”

However, other times they will receive the material during class and only have 15-30 minutes to prepare before the cold reading is taped.  The reason for this is to replicate the actual process of auditioning for a casting director and learn how to make fast choices based on the given circumstances and still deliver a solid performance.

Tools and Knowledge In Auditioning

I’ve had wonderful teachers, mentors and coaches who have provided me with tools to use in television and film auditions. Using these tools my students learn to make fast and bold choices based on their analysis of the scene.

I also stress the importance of doing research on the show their auditioning for as well as its creative team. Many networks, show runners, directors and writers work in a particular style, so, it’s essential to understand the tone of the show or film in preparing for the audition.

A Show’s Category

Similarly, all the different genres of film and television projects have specific rules and demands that an actor must understand. I.e., If an actor is reading for a sitcom, they need to understand that comedy moves much faster and there aren’t many pauses between lines of dialogue. There are also rules of comedy that will be explored regarding juxtaposing characters, scene buttons and having scenes build in energy etc. We will also explore the difference between auditioning for a network drama, a streaming drama, a dramatic feature, single camera comedy etc.

Self-taped Auditions and Industry Guests

In addition to studying film and television acting techniques and cold reading auditioning skills, we will also explore self-tapes and how to make the most of a self-taped audition. We will have industry guests (at no additional cost) allowing for conversations about anything, and everything related to the entertainment industry and how to take your talent to the next level.

Payment – $200

Tuition is Non-Refundable

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